Alright then....

     Mark Huff, a Vegas-transplant friend of mine from Las Vegas, send me a Face Book message a couple of months ago about a gig he was doing in Redmond, WA.  He asked me if I would open up for him and I sent him a message back saying "hell yes!"  Right after I sent the message, I thought, shit, I haven't picked up my acoustic guitar in like, months. 

     When Mark callled me I had just completed a nearly 3 year stint as the bass player for Angelo DelSenno & the Emtpy Sky.  We recorded a bunch of songs, made a video that got a bunch of hits on YouTube, appeared on King5 TV's New Day Northwest, released an EP and played solid shows at venues like The Tractor Tavern, Nectar Lounge, Hard Rock, The Blue Moon and The Mix.

     I started practicing every day, wrote a new song, bought a new harmonica and got fired up as the gig date grew closer.  Mark stayed at my place after his gig with Paul Summer's Jr. at El Corazon.  I worked the next day, then we headed out for SoulFood Coffee House in Redmond at about 5:30 pm. 

     Not knowing what to expect from a booking in "Nerd town" we were both pleasantly surprised when SoulFood turned out to be a cool "new agy" sort of place with a dedicated stage and some serious sound gear.  We sound checked and I went on first, playing a 45 minute, well received set. 

     Mark went on next and it was amazing watching a performer work the crowd and interweave masterfully crafted songs with an effortless and very endearing stage banter. 

   We had dinner in Capital Hill in Seattle that night, hung around in Fremont looking at guitars the next day and made a pact to do more gigs when he comes back in June.

     So I'm revamping my website, writing new tunes, purchasing a new hand made guitar and gearing up for more solo shows in the future.