How I got here

I was thinking about what has influenced me to keep writing, recording and performing music after all these years.   It hit me as I was watching Rodney Crowell play for 25-30 people at the Silver Platters in Sodo last week.   Passion.  That's it.  Rodney played a half a dozen songs and they MOVED me.  I was inspired to keep writing and to practice and perfect my guitar technique. I also asked Mr. Crowel what he was using to get his amazing acoustic guitar sound. He told, me and I ordered an LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI the same night. 

36 years ago I went to see Neil Young play at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.  It was the concert that ended up being in the film "Rust Never Sleeps" and I woke my older brother out of a dead sleep that night trying my best to play "Hey Hey My My" for him over the phone.  My brother understood, because he is as passionate about music as I am.   If I ever lose my passion, I guess I'll hang up my guitar.  It doesn't look like its going to happen any time soon, though so stay tuned for more!