OK, here is the scoop on the BECU commercials, billboard, etc.


 In June of last year, I submitted a head-shot in response for a call for a BECU member photo shoot.  I went to a studio in the SODO district after work one day and had a series of Photos and Videos taken.  The photographer was John Keatley http://www.keatleyphoto.com/

     The young man who was my "handler" during the photo shoot told me that I shouldn't be offended if they didn't use my image for any of the ads that were to come out of the shoot.  He told me I could get copies of the mp3's for my website and said they would let me know if and when my images were used.  I took the small stipend they gave me and went on my merry way.  

The first indication I was part of the ad campaign came from a friend of mine who saw my image on a television commercial. Then people started telling me about a second ad that was floating around where I had a small speaking role.  Here is that ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUHivesMTHs

     That ad was shown during the Olympics and what followed was a series of my head shot showing up on Billboards, on sides of Buses and on Banner Ads on the BECU website.  The TV commercials were shown when the Sea Hawks played and on Prime Time slots, so each week since the photo shoot I've had at least one person or more contact me and say, "did I see your mug on a BECU?..."

     I have a talented friend Colleen Campbell-Olwell who has a thriving business providing make up services to Hollywood stars.  She asked me how much I was getting paid for the use of my image and I admitted that I was not being compensated.  Here's the thing.  I didn't think in a million years that they would use my image.  I was hoping at best for a head shot for this site.  If I had asked for the opportunity to run it by my Agent or an Entertainment attorney, they probably would have passed.  

    There have been some interesting developments from the Ad campaign.  A friend sent my head shot to a local film maker and I received a small non-speaking role in an Indie film shot here in Seattle that will be coming out soon.  Another friend connected me with Tami Wakasugi with "All About You" Talent, so I now have an Agent.  

    So the bottom line is, yes, that is me in the BECU ads and no, I'm not making a killing out of the proceeds, but I'm having lots of fun and I have no plans to quit my day job!