High Voltage in Georgetown

On Sunday, July 2nd, I had the good fortune of playing bass guitar with a group of amazing Seattle Musicians.  Chris Quinn, lead guitar (Truly, SGM, National Guard) invited me to play the low notes with Mike Musburger (Love Battery, the Giraffes, the Posies) on drums and Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows, Thee Sgt Major III, The Beltholes, The Yes Masters, Filthy Friends) on the other guitar.  That's a pretty amazing line up by itself, but Chris also invited Om Johari who was the original singer for the AC/DC cover group Helles Belles.  The gig was a benefit show at Slim's last chance curated by Joe Dredd.  We got together a couple of days before the show to rehearse at Seattle Rehearsal Studios in Sodo.  Our three songs were "Riff Raff," "Bad Boy Boogie," and "Rocker."  The first rehearsal was sans Om, and the four of us worked through the songs fairly quickly.  The day before the gig Om joined us and the songs transformed in our ears from pretty good jams to fully fleshed out live performances.  On the day of the gig we were slated to go in the 11th slot out of 14 bands.  We had a few tuning issues and a broken string but still produced a strong set.   We had a good time playing together and hope to do it again soon.  Photos are by the amazing Kristen Gill of Kristen Gill Media. http://www.kristengill.com


Kurt Bloch rocking it!